Foxcd extractor v2.0

Foxcd extractor v2.0

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FoxCD Extractor программа, которая поможет Вам выполнить многие задачи, связанные с извлечением аудиофайлов с Ваших CD-дисков. Речь идет в основном о копирования и конвертировании аудио файлов, которые Вы можете включить в свою музыкальную коллекцию и которые будут легко доступны на жестком диске при максимально высоком качестве.
The FoxCD Extractor application was designed to be a program that can help you perform many tasks audio related. It deals essentially with ripping and converting audio files which is to say you can turn your music collection piled up into a mountain of CDs into an MP3 collection easily available on your hard drive at high quality.Due to built in support for a number of encoders you’ll benefit from wide-ranging options when it comes to your media files. FoxCD Extractor does a fast and accurate ripping through the use of jitter correction for quality control.Your files will be normalized so as to guarantee consistent volume levels. You can find out track information reading from the CDs .ini file or by using the CDDB database online, both will spare you the effort of typing in track info yourself.While the app uses LAME as its default encoder but it also allows you the liberty to use it along with various encoding tools for numerous formats. The program has a nice interface but the main focus remains on “substance”. It performs exceptionally well and does all the work totally digitally, meaning that it doesn’t convert the file to analog and then back to digital as other software of the kind do. FoxCD Extractor is very low-consuming and runs easily on any Windows system.
Key features:-
· User-friendly interface;
· Creates PLS and M3U playlist files;
· Media File Player;
· Normalizes audio files;
· Allows transcoding of compressed audio files;
· Offers support for many file formats/audio encoders such as WAV, MP3, OGG, VQF, APE, etc;
· Offers support for ID3 V1 and V2 tags;
· Offers support for CDDB;
· Offers support for recording via the analog input line;
· Superior jitter correction
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Платформа/ОС: Windows

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